For the 3rd year in a row, Professor Moran will be facilitating the Rutgers-Camden Ethics Bowl, a co-taught class with Professor Betz in the Department of Philosophy & Religion (50:730:240).  The class, Debating Ethical Issues Across Disciplines, teaches students ethical frameworks through which dilemmas can be addressed.  Students prepare scenarios that are then debated in a knock-out tournament.  The winning teams wins a $100 gift card for each team member and their names inscribed for posterity on the Ethics Bowl trophy located in the Alumni House.

Usually the event takes place in-person in the Rutgers-Camden Campus Center.  Even though the class was moved to remote instruction and all Campus Center events were cancelled, Profs Moran and Betz have forged ahead to make sure the Ethics Bowl still takes place.

The Ethics Bowl will utilize WebEx this year.  The tournament consists of preliminary rounds, a semi-final round, and a final round.  To listen in, the details of all rounds and the access information is provided below.

Prelims on Thursday, Apr 16, 11.10am-12.40pm

WebEx Room 1: Meeting link:  Meeting # 795 883 588   Password: ethicsbowl

Tune in at 11.10am for Round 1; and 12noon for Round 2

WebEx Room 2: Meeting link:   Meeting # 798 825 544   Password: ethicsbowl

Tune in at 11.10am for Round 3; and 12noon for Round 4


Semi-final rounds on Tuesday, April 21, 11.10am-12.40pm

Meeting link:   Meeting # 797 928 370  Password: ethicsbowl

Tune in at 11.10am for Round 1; and 12noon for Round 2


FINAL ROUND on Thursday, April 23, 11.10am-12noon

Meeting Link:   Meeting # 795 607 698   Password: ethicsbowl


Final Tournament Bracket!